Coaching and Cycling Training

Motivating and mentoring aspiring cyclists and mountain bikers is something Andrew has always been enthusiastic about. Recently, an opportunity came his way, and he decided to join a formidable coaching team in the form of The Threshold, a trio of coaches with complementary strengths and experiences. Andrew brings vast experience and credibility to the team, and the knowledge of what it really takes to succeed, no matter if you’re a complete novice, or a competitive athlete who just needs a push to podium.

The Threshold will offer tried and tested programs compiled by Andrew himself and the coaching team, for a variety of road cycling and mountain biking events, easily available for purchase via the online store. In addition, tailored coaching programs for athlete’s needing something less generic, will also be on offer. Andrew’s involvement with The Threshold makes it the logical choice for any cyclist who would like to embark on taking the sport more seriously, or even those who need something structured to work with, and towards.

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