Presentations and Talks

It takes a huge amount of physical strength and mental courage to conquer some of the events that Andrew is proud to have under his belt. He also has a passion for imparting his knowledge to be a part of changing people’s lives. As a result of this combination, and due to having participated and succeeded in so many different types of races – road cycling, time trial and mountain biking, Andrew is the ideal option for anyone looking for a motivational speaker for any kind of event. Overcoming challenges and stories from his more than 30 years of local and international racing, Andrew will captivate any audience, not only those familiar with being on the bike.

Motivational Talks

Andrew’s motivational talks are tailored depending on the type of organization and audience he addresses, and include groups such as corporate, schools and clubs.

Race Preparation Talks

Andrew also does talks surrounding race preparation strategies and techniques for groups such as cycling teams, and friends or colleagues planning to participate in a race in the near or more distant future. These talks include an array of topics such as nutrition, skills, training programs and mental and physical preparation for different types of races.

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